Autumn home cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning! Dust and drafts are just a few of the autumn home cleaning culprits you should be seeking out this month, says homemaking guru Martha Stewart. In her article “Fall Homekeeping Tips,” Stewart details what you should be doing now to ensure a clean, cozy home for winter. (Remember, that you can always have a cleaning professional take care of the “clean” part.)

Open windows during the summer and early autumn can bring dist buildup. Stewart recommends dusting your baseboards, banisters, walls, and ceilings and vacuuming furniture to rid yourself of summer dust.

Don’t forget the outside of your house when autumn home cleaning! In addition to cutting back plants, raking your yard, and turning over your garden, Stewart recommends replacing window screens with storm windows and giving the windows a thorough cleaning while you’re at it. She even gives a video demonstration on how to properly clean your windows. Stewart also recommends checking for drafts and cleaning the fireplace to prepare for the colder weather.

If autumn home cleaning seems a little overwhelming, Castle Keepers can help! Whether you need a weekly clean or a seasonal deep cleaning, we’ll ensure that your home is spotless and ready for you to settle in for winter.