The new year is coming up fast, and many people are looking for new resolutions to make. What about cleaning your house? Most resolutions involve some sort of health or fitness goal, but those can be difficult to keep up with. A cleaner home will not only look better and feel more comfortable but can also reduce the risk of illness by removing dust and other allergens from the air.

Perhaps you should have hired a reputable house cleaning service in Charleston more frequently? But what other things can you do to maintain your home’s cleanliness all year round? Read on for common New Year’s cleaning resolutions to get some ideas.

What are common New Year’s cleaning resolutions?

The new year is a time for new beginnings. With the intent to make their home a healthier place, people tend to make numerous cleaning resolutions they strive to stick to. Here are the most common ones.

1. Declutter your space

To kick off the new year, many people resolve to clean more efficiently. A large part of those New Year’s cleaning resolutions includes some form of organization that results in higher efficiency. For example, organizing and putting away all off-season clothing and gear, recycling outdated items and donating clothing you no longer use to charity organizations, friends, or family, and purging things that are broken or you don’t need anymore, are all part of the decluttering process that makes cleaning easier.

2. Create more storage

Another New Year’s resolution is to keep a more organized home with proper storage for all belongings, so it’s easier to find when you need them the most. It’s easy to go to the store and purchase new storage containers or new cabinets to help with this cleaning resolution.

3. Clean a neglected area

One that is popular among many people is to clean out an entire room in their home. While this may not be possible for every person, it’s one that many people look forward to. For example, many resolutions include cleaning out the basement to make it more usable space for storing things or turning it into a completely different room entirely. Another example could be cleaning out the garage to make room for additional storage.

4. Make cleaning fun

Resolutions can be worked into new year family activities. For example, resolutions could include a creative family game night where everyone has to clean their rooms. Whoever wins, gets a prize. You could also make it a family activity by taking a  trip to some of the charities listed online to drop off items you no longer need or use.

5. Go green

Another New Year’s resolution is to go green and make reusable grocery bags for eco-friendly purposes. There are many tutorials online with tips for making your own reusable grocery bag, but there are also several stores that offer them in mass quantities at discount prices.

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