1. As per data collected by the World Toilet Organization, 1 billion people in the world defecate in the open.
  2. As per smartphone studies, the more features your smartphone has, the longer you sit on the toilet when you have your phone with you.
  3. Seventy-five percent of smartphone owners use their phones on the toilet, including texting, making phone calls, surfing the web and shopping. These activities have taken over reading as the most popular activities to do on the toilet.
  4. Low-flow toilets use 1.3 gallons (4.8L) per flush whereas high-flow toilets use 6.9 gallons (26L) per flush.
  5. Americans are known to go across the border to Canada to buy toilets because Canada has no regulations requiring the use of low-flow toilets.
  6. If you want to use the cleanest toilet in a public bathroom, remember to use the first toilet cubicle in the row (the one closest to the door or sinks). This cubicle is usually the least used and thus the cleanest.
  7. Accidents do happen in toilets. The British King George II died falling off a toilet in 1760, and nearly 40,000 Americans are injured in toilet-related injuries every year.
  8. Forty percent of people fold their toilet paper before wiping, while 60% just crumble and wipe.
  9. Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper a year, which is enough to stretch from the Earth to the Sun and back.
  10. Absolutely no one can avoid the call of nature. Westerners visit toilets about 2500 times a year (and possibly more if bouts of diarrhea are included). That’s about six to eight visits a day, or an average of three years on the toilet!
  11. On average, babies need their diapers changed 10,000 times before they learn to use the toilet for themselves.
  12. The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more fecal bacteria on it than a toilet seat.
  13. A toilet flush can eject germs from your toilet up to six feet in the air. Every time you flush your toilet, germs are airlifted and can travel around your bathroom to land on areas not even close to your toilet, like your toothbrush. If you don’t have a toilet lid to put down, move out quickly once you flush the toilet.
  14. Originally, toilet meant, “the act of washing, dressing and preparing oneself.” It is derived from the French word is spelled, “toilette,” and pronounced, “Twa-lett.”
  15. Ninety-five percent of the population say they wash their hands after using a public toilet. However, when 8,000 people were monitored across five large cities in the US, the researchers found the actual number was more like 67%.
  16. You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that almost 20% of people do not wash their hands after they visit the toilet. Of those who do wash, only 30% use soap!
  17. Rigorous washing of hands with soap for about 15 to 20 seconds is recommended for killing bathroom germs (enough time to sing “Happy Birthday” twice). However, only 5% of people who wash their hands do so for 15 seconds or more.
  18. Over seven million people in the US have admitted having dropped their cell phones in the toilet bowl. Isn’t that a valid reason not to carry a cell phone into the toilet?
  19. On a related note, smartphones have about 20 times more bacteria than toilet handles.
  20. The Scott Paper Company was the first to manufacture toilet paper on a roll, in 1890.
  21. According to the NIH, about four million Americans suffer from constipation.
  22. Prolonged sitting on the toilet seat can lead to hemorrhoids, so avoiding using mobile phones or reading newspapers or magazines on the toilet can help you avoid hemorrhoids.
  23. A note to you men: 85% if bathroom-related injuries occur when someone falls into the toilet after the seat has been left up.
  24. Over $100,000 US dollars were spent on a study to determine whether most people put their toilet paper on the holder with the flap facing front or back of the roll. Three out of four people put the flap in front, and one in five people get annoyed if the toll is facing the wrong way.
  25. One-third of Americans admit to flushing the toilet while still sitting on it.
  26. Most American toilets flush in the key of E flat.
  27. The average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
  28. The Pentagon uses approximately 636 rolls of toilet paper a day.
  29. In other government spending news, NASA recently spent $23.4 million designing a suction toilet for the Space Shuttle that would defy zero gravity with suction technology at 850 liters of airflow per minute – the most expensive toilet in the universe.
  30. The first toilet freshener is documented as being a pomegranate stuffed with cloves.
  31. In 1935, Northern Tissue proudly introduced “splinter-free” toilet paper.
  32. What country has an entire theme park and museum dedicated to the toilet? South Korea!

https://www.World Toilet.org





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