Which cleaning service in Johns Island is dependable

Although your house may seem clean, you’d be surprised at how much dirt can lurk in hard-to-reach places. That’s why you should be familiar with the signs your home needs comprehensive cleaning.

However, you can always count on a reliable cleaning service to help you like many people in Johns Island do. In this article you’ll find a list of indicators that suggest that your home needs deep cleaning. Let’s go through it!

When is it time for a deep clean? 

Most people prefer to postpone deep cleaning and tell themselves that their home isn’t that dirty. Still, you should roll up your sleeves, or better yet call a cleaning company if you notice one of the following signs:

Your floors are the wrong shade

If your floors are of a different shade and not as vibrant as they used to be, that means they are covered with layers of dust and dirt. The history of cleaning tools suggests that the best remedy for removing pesky dust is a vacuum cleaner.

It’s important to have a powerful vacuum with strong suction so that it can collect even the smallest particles. Make sure to deep clean the grout lines between the tiles to restore their original look and color.

The oven is covered with spills

Ovens are prone to caked-on drips and spills that create an unpleasant burning smell every time you turn them on. If you see that the window and bottom of the oven are coated with drippings that have become encrusted on the surface, that means that it’s time to grab some of the most efficient housekeeping supplies, a.k.a. microfiber cloth. First spray some degreaser on the critical areas, let it sit overnight, close the oven door and wipe the oven the next day.

Finding items is becoming harder and harderWhen is it time for a deep clean

When your things start to pile up and it becomes a bit of a challenge to find them or at least remember where you’ve put them, it means that it’s time to declutter. Start with reducing the laundry from a mountain to a pile. Collect the miscellaneous items, put the ones that you’re planning to keep in a catch-all basket and throw the redundant items away.

Carpeting is becoming smelly

If your carpet smells a bit funky, you should vacuum it thoroughly and shampoo it to remove the dirt and spills. The brief history of housekeeping shows us that there are a lot of modern appliances and cleaning supplies that you can use to remove the odor.

If you want to clean your carpet like a pro, consider obtaining defoamers to speed up the drying process, or air scrubbers for dry cleaning to gather particulates, fungi, and other particles that accumulate on the carpet.

Window panes are dirty and hazy

Rain, dirt and random bird droppings can make windows quite messy. If your window panes are covered with spots, drips and dirt, it’s time for deep cleaning. Since washing windows implies climbing tall leaders, it’s better to leave this chore to the professionals as they are trained to make the windows spotless safely and efficiently. Hire experts with proper equipment and relevant experience, and savor the perfect view once they are done.  

Which cleaning service in Johns Island is dependable?

Deep cleaning can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Instead of desperately trying to deal with every nook and cranny of your home, let Castle Keepers Charleston come to the rescue. Our comprehensive deep cleaning services are performed using HEPA filter-equipped vacuums and eco-friendly supplies.

Explore Johns Island while our seasoned specialists make your home as neat as a new button. Call us today and make an appointment!