Household-Tasks-You-Only-Have-to-Do-Once-a-YearWhile there are plenty of everyday household tasks that are considered part of the regular home upkeep, you’ll be happy to know there are some cleaning chores you have to do only once every year. Knowing what and when to prioritize will save you time and energy in the long run. The point of house cleaning isn’t repetitiveness but efficiency. Crossing at least some of the tasks off your to-do list will help you reclaim some much-needed free time.

Relying on one of the reputable cleaning companies in Charleston will help you maximize the levels of cleanliness in your home. Still, perhaps, you’d like to give it a go yourself. In this article, you’ll find out about the areas you have to clean just once every 365 days. Read on!

What do you clean once a year?

There’s nothing better than the feeling of taking care of a task you can forget about until next year. Here are seven chores where this applies.

1. Behind the appliances

Move the stove, refrigerator, and laundry machines away from the wall. For a comprehensive clean, wipe all the services with a damped microfiber cloth. Then, sweep all the built-up debris and dirt and vacuum the entire area.

2. Declutter the bathroom shelves

This is a task best left for a cold day with nothing better to do but stay indoors. Declutter your bathroom shelves and empty out the medicine cabinets. Sift through expired medication, old toothbrushes, and old cosmetics. Thoroughly clean the surfaces and restock the shelves with bathroom essentials for the year.

3. Wash the drapes and curtains

Curtains and drapes tend to attract dust and odors that over time do impact their appearance. Dry clean your drapes to remove any stains and odors, and machine wash the curtains. Make sure to check the washing instructions so as not to damage the materials.

4. Clean the gutters

If left unattended, clogged gutters can cause serious damage to the roof and cause leaks on the inside of the house. The preferred time to clean and unclog them is right after the leaves have fallen in the autumn. If you’re taking the DIY route, don’t forget about safety and use a sturdy ladder and equipment.

5. Deep clean your oven

If you use your oven constantly, you may need to do this job several times a year, but if you’re only an occasional baker, an annual washing should be fine. Run the self-cleaning cycle if your cooker has one, or arm yourself with rubber gloves and oven cleaner to make the interior sparkle.

6. Declutter your home office

No matter how much advancement the technology era has brought, there’s bound to be still plenty of documentation lying around. So take time to sort through and re-organize your files and throw away any unnecessary documents.

7. Clear out the garage or attic

It’s unreasonable to have your garage or attic in tip-top condition, but clearing out any junk and conducting a yearly deep clean is mandatory. Vacuum the debris, sweep the dust, and remove the spiderwebs.

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