Although you may think that you can’t go wrong with cleaning supplies as long as you are fully equipped, that isn’t exactly true. Since choosing the right cleaners is a bit more complicated than it appears at first glance, you should know about the most useless housekeeping products.

However, many residents of Taylors, SC, count on professional maid services to provide them with the right supplies for the job and ensure the best possible results. Read on if you want to handle the task yourself and find out what to avoid.

What cleaning products to avoid?

While it’s debatable for most products to what extent they are effective, you should avoid using the following supplies: 

Paper Towels

What cleaning products to avoidPaper towels were invented in 1907 to prevent the spread of the cold epidemic by replacing cloth towels in public bathrooms. However, they became so popular that people started using them at home to wipe small spills that could easily be tackled with a fabric. Although their commercial application is understandable in public bathrooms, their widespread use at home isn’t exactly logical. Then again, Americans use two-thirds of paper towels at home.

Other than being costly, paper towels increase the amount of waste in households. Therefore, one of the fastest ways to clean up this clutter is to use conventional fabric towels or cloth instead.    

Feather duster

Although feather dusters seem to collect dust and dirt effectively, they push the dust around, spread it on tidy surfaces, and send allergens into the air. If you want to make sure that the dust that you have wiped won’t scatter around the room, use a microfiber cloth or a damp towel instead. Besides, feather dusters require a lot of maintenance, and they have to be replaced often.     

Fabric softener

While laundry detergent is one of the top must-have housekeeping tools, fabric softener is not essential. Ever since the 1960s when it was invented, people have used it to make their clothes softer, smell fresh, and less static. However, fabric softener is added during the rinse cycle, after being washed with a detergent, leaving residue behind. 

The presence of chemicals on your clothes makes them less absorbent and more flammable, not to mention the possibility of a skin allergy.

Swiffer and steam mop

Swiffers may be handy but they are not cost-effective considering the amount of wet or dry cloth that needs to be changed. Instead of spending an obscene sum of money on refills, try investing in a cordless vacuum that you can use on carpets and hard floors. 

When it comes to steam mops, not only are they not effective because they can make your floors look dull, but they can also damage hardwood and laminate by leaving behind too much moisture. It’s better to use a spin or squeeze mop instead.  

Furniture polish

Furniture polish is no longer necessary because the technology of furniture making has changed. Decades ago, the furniture didn’t have the protective coating it has today, which is why furniture polish will only cover your tables, chairs, and cabinets with a cloudy, dull buildup.  

Where in Taylors, SC can I find dependable maid services?Where in Taylors, SC can I find dependable maid services

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