Here are some ways to save time and effort when vacuuming:

Most people will tell you to dust first and vacuum last, so you can vacuum up all the dirt you’ve knocked down while dusting. But there are situations where vacuuming first is the best thing to do to save time and effort! Look at your blinds, shutters, baseboards, furniture, etc. If these areas are dusty from neglect or living in a dust-prone area, vacuum them first, dust the rest of the room, then hoover the floor. You will be using the vacuum twice, but you will save a lot of time, aggravation, and many dusting towels by vacuuming first.

Pick up thoroughly

Quickly walk around the room to find anything on the floor you think might jam the vacuum. Grab loose change, paper clips, small toys, hairpins, barrettes and tags, and plastic collar pieces from new clothing.

Check your vacuum bag

It’s best to replace it when two-thirds full. Suction suffers when it gets any fuller. For bagless vacuums, always empty the canister before getting started.

Clean and cut the hair off the beater brush and check the neck and vacuum poles for clogs to make pick up more efficient.

Regularly clean your brushes of hair and lint, wash with soap and water, and air dry between vacuuming sessions. Make sure brushes are clean before using on upholstery.

Use the long, thin crevice tool to reach corners. Hard to reach areas, and sliding door tracks. If it doesn’t fit, you can tape a toilet paper tube to the end to get most of the dirt up, then finish cleaning the tracks with detergent, water, a toothbrush, and a cloth.

Extend your range. Use an extension cord and plug in your vacuum in a hallway so you can do several rooms without having to move the plug.

Extend your range. Use an extension cord and plug in your vacuum in a hallway so you can do several rooms without having to move the plug.

Vacuum strategically

Start from the furthest area from the door and vacuum your way out of the room using overlapping strokes, so you’re making a continuous zig-zag pattern on the rug. Cover all open areas of the carpet and get under furniture as much as you can. Collect your cord with your free hand as you work your way out of the room.

Keep your equipment clean

Check your bag, clean your brushes, wipe out the inside with a damp cloth, check for clogs, inspect the cords, etc. at the end of your vacuuming session, so you’re ready to pick it up and go next time you have to vacuum.

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