How do I get ready for a comprehensive clean-up

Comprehensive home cleaning can be exhausting and very time-consuming. Since most people are limited with time, organizing such an endeavor can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there’s a very efficient method of preparation for comprehensive maintenance.

However, many people prefer to leave both the preparation and thorough clean-up in the capable hands of cleaning companies in Duluth. In this article, we’ll outline a very efficient strategy you can use to get ready for a thorough clean of your home. Read on!    

How do I get ready for a comprehensive clean-up?

It is said that preparation is the key to success. You can make cleaning a lot easier and more efficient if you follow these five simple steps:

1. Make a cleaning plan

The first step is to make a list of all the rooms that you need to clean and all the chores you need to complete. Then, try to estimate how much time you need for each task and room. In order to be more productive, it’s better to clean the whole house rather than one room at a time. This will save you a lot of time and keep the workflow uninterrupted.

You should also decide in which order you’re going to do the chores. For example, one of the common home cleaning mistakes is to dust from the bottom, as dust tends to stir up first and then settle on the surface that you’ve already cleaned.  

2. Declutter

You can’t clean up the house properly if you have to deal with trash every step of the way. Take a trash bag and go around your home and put all the excessive items in it. Clear the countertops, coffee tables, nightstands, etc. Throw away old magazines, papers, paid bills, and the like. Make sure to wash the dirty dishes or load the dishwasher to declutter the sink. Don’t forget to free the fridge from all the expired food and throw away food leftovers and packages.  

3. Stock up on suppliesWhich cleaning companies in Duluth are dependable

To properly prepare for a thorough clean, you need to have enough cleaning supplies and tools. These should include cleaning agents for carpets, tiles, and stain removers. If you want to use one of the best DIY cleaning products, you’ll need to make them prior to cleaning. You should also obtain the appropriate equipment and some accessories. For example, if you want to deep clean your furniture, you should get an upholstery attachment.  

4. Clean your tools

If you don’t want your endeavors to clean up your home thoroughly to be futile, you need to work with clean tools. Even the essential tools for house cleaning, such as sponges, need to be sterilized. Using a dirty sponge or the same sponge for different surfaces can lead to a massive spread of bacteria. That’s why you should put the sponges in a bowl with water and heat them up in a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds to kill all the germs.  

5. Preclean

Some surfaces need to be pretreated before deep cleaning. If you want to free your shower head from calcium deposits, you need to make the solution from baking soda and water, apply it to the surface and give it some time to kick in.   

Which cleaning companies in Duluth are dependable? 

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