Whether you’re a novice or you have years of experience behind you, there’s always room to improve your routine and make it last shorter but with better quality. While sometimes it may seem like there’s nothing else you can do to make it easier for yourself, there are still some tricks and methods you probably haven’t tried. 

Dependable house cleaning services in Summerville and other areas also use different tips and tricks for great efficiency. If you’d like to implement more hacks in your own routine, have a look at the following ways for better-organized home upkeep

How do you clean efficiently?

5 Tips for Better Cleaning Efficiency

When you want to give yourself more free time, but still have your home as clean as it can be, it’s time to look for new methods. Keep reading for 5 great ways for a more efficient clean-up. 


Clutter is always present whether you like it or not, but before you start tending to your home, make sure you remove all of it. Go room by room and pick up everything. You can carry a container or a caddy and place the items in it so you can put them back in their place easily. As you collect these things, think about how often you use them and whether you should just put them away, dispose of them or donate them. 

Have all tools in one place

Whether you take the room‐by‐room approach or you tackle the whole house at once, having all the necessary tools and supplies at hand will save you a lot of time running back and forth. Grab a bucket or a caddy and place everything you’ll need in it. That way, you can easily carry the entire kit with you. Once you’re done, you can simply put it away in a designated place so when it’s next time to clean, you can just grab it and go. 

Dust then vacuum

To avoid spoiling what you’ve already covered, there’s a certain tasking order you should follow. First, make sure that all your ceiling fans are off, then start dusting from top to bottom focusing on furniture tops, shelves, handrails, knick-knacks, TV screens, and picture frames. Next, you can move on to vacuuming. When it comes to the bedroom, you should also change the sheets before you vacuum. 

Disinfect the tools

What many people tend to overlook and is actually an important part of the process, is taking care of your tools. If you just put them away after use, dirt and chemical residue stick to them and reduce their efficiency. On the other hand, If you take a few minutes to wash them every time you use them, the effects will be much better. 

Make it a team play

Including your family in ongoing chores is a great way to finish more quickly, plus it can be a fun time together with your loved ones. Moreover, your children will be able to learn the importance of a hygienic home. If you add a small reward after a job well done, it can be even more entertaining. It could be watching a favorite movie or eating your favorite pizza. 

Where can I hire a comprehensive house cleaning service in Summerville? 

How do you clean efficiently

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