All our cleaning products and equipment are held to our high standards for sustainability and environmental and human safety. We were among the first residential cleaning companies in the country to incorporate innovations such as concentrated products, recycled plastic bottles, and microfiber cleaning cloths and mops to the industry. We research and assess the environmental safety of our products and operations and look for products that meet or exceed Green Seal – 37 standards organization which sets standards on what constitutes an environmentally responsible product) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program that works to protect human health and the environment by helping product manufacturers choose the safest chemical ingredients possible. Highly effective products to minimize the number of products and the amount used. We have earned the Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) for eight years in a row. We make continuous improvements and true environmental progress. Our motto is not a marketing gimmick or sales technique.

Cleaner – Our equipment, green chemicals, cleaning techniques, and training are all thoroughly researched and thoughtfully designed to effectively clean your home. For example, our PerfectCLEAN microfiber towels are scientifically proven to wipe away soil and microorganisms more effectively and hygienically than spongers and other cleaning cloths while using fewer chemicals.

Safer – No cleaning chemical residues are left on a counter or floor surfaces or in the air of your home, an advantage in homes where infants, children, pets, and people with chemical sensitivities and immunity problems reside. Deionized Water attracts the ions in normal household soil and removes them from surfaces. It leaves no chemical residue and is non-toxic. GreenWorks is accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Safer Choice Partner. It contains the safest ingredients for families, pets, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the environment, and yet is effective as a cleaning agent. Clorox Greenworks has been evaluated by the EPA’s rigorous scientific process and represents leadership in safer product formulation.

Greener – Castle Keepers House Cleaning is a leader in green cleaning. We use natural products that clean better, are safer for your family, and are better for the environment. Our cleaning methodology uses less water and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cleaning methods, and is non-toxic. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and true environmental progress in residential cleaning. At Castle Keepers House Cleaning we believe that everyone should have a clean and healthy home. We’ve tested hundreds of products to bring the highest level of cleanliness to your home, while still being safe for the environment.