About Us

Tom, Derek, and Liz have been central business leaders in the Residential Cleaning Industry for more than 2 decades.  With over 50 years of combined experience CBB has a deeper, wider, and more enduring track record than any other cleaning consulting organization. 

Today we choose to work only with business owners and other Industry Leaders who share in our relentless pursuit to elevate and improve the Residential Cleaning Industry as a whole.

We exist to be guides for those who choose better.

For those who want to do better, give more, and be better.

For those who are willing to learn more, grow more, invest more and go for more… to do what others won’t, and to reap the rewards that others don’t.

We exist to be guides for those who seek to become all they can with all they have been given and to do it themselves, in their own way.

For those choosing a better life, not just for their customers, but for their employees, themselves, and their entire families.

We exist for you – if you choose Better.

Liz Trotter

Liz Trotter is founder of American Maid Cleaning as well as an entrepreneur and leadership trainer based in Olympia, Washington. She is also a partner in Castle Keepers House Cleaning, a former ARCSI board member, creator of the HiPEP employee engagement system and a charter member of Cleaning For A Reason.

Derek Christian is a partner in Castle Keepers House Cleaning

Derek Christian is a partner in Castle Keepers House Cleaning, one of the largest and fastest growing independent house cleaning companies in America. Derek is Co-publisher and Director of Business Development & Sales for Cleaning Business Today, and a partner in Cleaning Business Builders. He founded My Maid Service in Cincinnati, OH and spent twelve years at P&G working on household cleaning products.

Tom Stewart is the owner of Castle Keepers House Cleaning

Tom Stewart is the owner of Castle Keepers House Cleaning, the 1st residential cleaning company to achieve CIMS certification. In 2016 Castle Keepers added branch locations in Greenville and Atlanta. In 2017, Castle Keepers expanded operations to Portland, Oregon, and Dayton, Ohio. Tom is a nationally-recognized leader & innovator in the house cleaning industry. He is co-founder and publisher of the online magazine and website Cleaning Business Today.