How Our Cleaners are Keeping You Safe

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At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, our goal is always to provide you with a clean, healthy, and safe home. In the face of COVID-19, we have increased our safety measures to ensure our clients and our staff are safe while they are hard at work.

Every staff member at Castle Keepers has undergone COVID-19 safety certification. That means that each of our cleaners and supervisors understands the importance of safety measures and how to protect you and your home. Each cleaning technician wears not only a face mask but gloves and shoe covers when entering your home. Each piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) is replaced when entering a new home, eliminating the possibility of any cross-contamination from home to home.

The safety and cleanliness of your home is our top priority. Castle Keepers monitors the health of its staff every morning, ensuring that only cleaning technicians who have no symptoms and no known exposure to the virus are entering your home. Our staff is also using hand sanitizer and proper CDC-recommended handwashing techniques to keep everyone safe. In addition, social distancing is practiced both in your home and in our offices.

Finally, we are paying extra attention to the safety of your high-touch areas. Doorknobs, counters, handles, and other high-touch surfaces are being thoroughly sanitized to keep you and your family safe.

As the pandemic wears on, we are thankful that our customers trust us to enter their homes to provide a clean, safe, and healthy home. Our commitment to keeping our staff and clients safe is unwavering and we thank you for your confidence in Castle Keeper House Cleaning.

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