5 Ways to Put Some Sizzle to Your San Tan Valley Party Pad

5 Ways to Put Some Sizzle to Your San Tan Valley Party Pad

5 Ways to Put Some Sizzle to Your San Tan Valley Party Pad

Families and snow birds flock to San Tan Valley for the rich and relaxed lifestyle, open spaces, and most importantly, affordable real estate. Sometimes people think that moving to a rural area is boring, but not San Tan! My teens and their friends have always found plenty to do, like star gazing, bon fires, hiking, and hanging out at each other’s houses.

San Tan Valley is more than just a city in the Phoenix area—it embodies a playful lifestyle. Enjoy resort life at Encanterra, a 55+ community which has an awesome country club. Or check out these two family-oriented neighborhoods: Johnson Ranch, which also has a golf club, and San Tan Heights, which has a fabulous community center. Both neighborhoods also have awesome parks. There are lots of new build options in the San Tan Valley as well.

If you already live in the area, you’ve probably seen golf carts or recreational vehicles drive down the road, and lots of families on bikes enjoying the area (San Tan Bikes is a great place to get your own!). It’s just a fun place to live and play.

Why not bring that playfulness to your own house? Especially when the weather turns too hot, you’ll want to create inviting spaces where your family and guests can cool off and have fun. Here are five ways to put some sizzle in your San Tan party pad.


It doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money to spruce up your backyard and make it a fun extension of your home! You could add lighting, fire tables, misters, or even hang a TV and add surround sound. You can even get an outdoor pool table. Ramp up your pool area but offering extra shade and seating, plus extra lights for some late-night fun outdoors. Check out Leslie’s Pool Supplies in or Shawn’s Pool Shop, both in San Tan Valley, for some fun ideas.


This can potentially be a great gathering place for teens to play games, or younger kids to play. Make your loft super comfortable by adding a mini fridge with snacks, game tables, and don’t forget music! Take it up a notch by decorating it with a superhero or sports theme, or anything that really shows your personality. Think outside the box! Add a pinball machine, a jukebox, or other statement piece that makes your loft unique and fun.

Kitchen/Great Room

Be intentional about how you arrange your main living spaces. Where do people gather during a get-together at your place? Make sure you have plenty of clean, comfortable seating. Add a vase of flowers to brighten the space and adding a fresh aroma. Look at your lighting and add more if need be. Is your oven looking drab? Spend some time to make it shine, or you could hire a house cleaning company to get your kitchen spotless and company ready. A piano could be a way to bring live music into your home. Check out Kelting Piano Studio in San Tan Valley for local options.


Think about your guests. What would make them feel most comfortable? If your young children are coming over, put away breakable things so their parents (and you!) can relax. Will you be hosting teenagers? Set up board games and get a bag of popcorn going in the microwave. If you have out of town guests who will be staying the night, get their sleeping area prepped with extra pillows and their bathroom area stocked with essentials.


You and your guests will enjoy your home if it is cleaned regularly. And if your house is party central, you may not always be able to predict when friends or family knock on your door! It’s definitely easier to keep your house clean the more vigilant you are about keeping up on it. But let’s face it, keeping a house clean takes time and energy. To have more time to focus on your friends and family, you might also consider hiring a professional house cleaning company like Castle Keepers House Cleaning to do it for you. When you don’t have to worry about doing the cleaning yourself, it will be MUCH easier to focus on the food, fun and friends!

San Tan Valley is a fun place to be! As you make your house a home where family and friends love to gather, you can feel good knowing that you are helping to create lasting memories. At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, we love helping our clients find balance in their lives. San Tan Valley is a great place to be!

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