My Robot Cleans Toilets!

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It’s finally here – the $500 portable toilet-cleaning robot! It even has a name – called “Giddel” by its developer, service robotics company Altan Robotech. Visit the website to see it in action!

Altan’s website states, “With Giddel, you never have to deal with the disgust of cleaning your toilet bowl again.” Giddel has a telescopic arm that scrubs hard-to-reach places, like on top of and under the rim, the bowl, and even the water exit. It is made of antimicrobial plastic and is compatible with any toilet bowl cleaner.

Giddel attaches with a special plastic addition under the hinge of the toilet seat and hangs over the toilet bowl to clean it. It takes about five minutes to clean your toilet, and when it is done you remove it by the handle and place it in its charging station.


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