How Do Magic Erasers Work?

How Do Magic Erasers Work?

How Do Magic Erasers Work?

Magic Erasers ®, a brand name for melamine sponges, are effective at removing stains and smudges with only water. Melamine is a type of hard plastic, and when it is made into a foam a fine porous surface is created. The foam is made of super-fine fibers that lift and trap dirt and rub out marks. These thin, glass-like fibers are abrasive, so Magic Erasers ® can be thought of as a cross between a sponge and fine sandpaper.

They can be safely used on ceramic tiles and porcelain. Unfortunately, they may scratch surfaces that are painted, varnished, polished, or easily scratched. This means, among other things:

They can be used for:

  • Removing soap scum from the tub/shower
  • Removing marks from flat paint
  • Cleaning splatters inside the microwave
  • Removing dried paint from baseboards and stair risers
  • Cleaning sticky/dusty range hood over the stove
  • Cleaning lime scale buildup from faucets/fixtures
  • Removing stains from underside of toilet seats and around hinges
  • Removing melted plastic from glass stove top
  • Cleaning tile and grout
  • Removing hairspray build-up on countertops and vanities
  • Removing soap scum and gunk from bathtubs

In a nutshell, only use the Magic Eraser ® on a non-scratchable surface and shoes without a high gloss or sheen (including walls). Better yet, try it on an inconspicuous spot first. If you try it on a wall or kitchen cabinet, be aware it may not look like it has done any damage, but if you look at the wall from an angle where the light hits it you will see a dullness to the sheen where you rubbed.

Break or cut off a little piece to use at a time. Everywhere the eraser rubs will be abraded, so if you have a tiny spot, just use a tiny piece. There are two benefits to this – Only a small area will be affected by the rubbing and your eraser will last longer.

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