How Clean Is Your Work Space?

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Ready to be grossed out? The average office desk is 100 times less hygienic than the average kitchen table and 400 times filthier than the average toilet seat!

The Cleaning Services Group has put together a hair-raising infographic which shows exactly how much we take the cleanliness of our workplaces for granted. Take a look at these filthy facts and also learn why it’s important to clean your desk before and after you eat at it!

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At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, the #1 way we prevent the spread of infection in your home is by using PerfectCLEAN® microfiber cloths. These cloths remove 99% of organic matter from surfaces. They also contain anti-microbial threads, which kill any germs caught in the fibers. 

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As an extra precaution, we color code our cloths to prevent cross-contamination between rooms. 

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