Free Resources

dust cleaning

How to Dust

This video demonstrates the basics of dusting as well as   the details that are overlooked by the average duster.

How to Vacuum

This video reviews the parts of the backpack vacuum we use at Castle Keepers as well as the correct vacuuming procedures.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Castle Keepers owner Janice Stewart demonstrates the cleaning power of the ProTeam vaccum and why it works better than a traditional vacuum.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

This video demonstrates a way to fold fitted sheets that takes almost no time, and results in a perfect rectangle that stacks easily. When you need to make the bed, your fitted sheet will not have unsightly wrinkles.

Microfiber Towels vs. Cotton Towels

In this lipstick test, Castle Keepers owner Janice Stewart demonstrates the power of the PerfectClean microfiber towel in comparison to standard cotton towels.

Stuck Communication

Liz Trotter explains how to get out of those conversations that just seem to go nowhere with one little phrase. So easy and useful!