Castle Keepers Celebrates Extraordinary Service of House Cleaners

Castle Keepers House Cleaning recently celebrated some extraordinary milestones achieved by our cleaning technicians. In a ceremony at the Charleston office, President and CEO Tom Stewart presented certificates honoring half a dozen team members for their service. Latolia Simmons and Monique Williams marked one year each as house cleaning technicians. Kariva Brown reached the eleven year mark. Felicia Pasco and Orvetta Treasure celebrated fourteen and fifteen years respectively. And Ruthie Seabrook was honored for her nineteen years with the company. Together this handful of employees have sixty years of cleaning experience with Castle Keepers. Stewart acknowledged that house cleaners are often not given the credit they are due for professionalism and hard work. Watch the video below to see the festivities.

About Castle Keepers House Cleaning

Castle Keepers House Cleaning has been at the forefront of innovation and leadership among house cleaning professionals for years. The company pioneered environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning methods in residential cleaning. Castle Keepers is  independently owned, not a franchise, with branches in Atlanta, GA, Charleston,, SC, Greenville, SC, Portland, OR, and Dayton, OH. To find out more about us, click here.


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