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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

If you have ever tried to fold a fitted sheet, you probably ended up with a wrinkled mess that you ended up stuffing in your linen closet. Fortunately we have a simple, easy way to fold a fitted sheet. It takes almost no time, and the end result is a perfect rectangle that stacks easily.

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See How Easily a Rat Can Climb Up Your Toilet

A National Geographic video answers all the questions you never had about how rats get into toilet bowls. It turns out rats are expert swimmers with incredible stamina. They can tread water up to three days and can hold their breath up to three minutes underwater.

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Castle Keepers Celebrates Extraordinary Service of House Cleaners

Castle Keepers House Cleaning recently celebrated some extraordinary milestones achieved by our cleaning technicians. In a ceremony at the Charleston office, President and CEO Tom Stewart presented certificates honoring half a dozen team members for their service.

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