Alternative to Apartment Deep Cleaning Service in Atlanta GA: A Do It Yourself Guide

When you move the last thing you feel like doing is deep cleaning your apartment. Yet you know that your apartment needs to be deep cleaned in order for you to get your security deposit back. Castle Keepers House Cleaning offers apartment deep cleaning service in Atlanta Ga and Gwinnett County, however you can also perform your move out apartment cleaning yourself. The following steps will make your task easier and save you time along the way.

Run Self Cleaning Oven

This will make it much easier to remove clean the oven without excessive scrubbing. This is possible since most of the residue will be reduced to ash that can then be wiped out of the oven. Remember, self-cleaning ovens heat to 900-1000 degrees for several hours and will need time to cool. It is best to run this the night before cleaning in possible.  If your oven is not self-cleaning, then make sure to follow directions on the oven cleaner you have chosen.

Always clean the light fixtures before they get hot. If you clean them while hot they may burst.

Work Top to Bottom

Work top to bottom and move around each room. Start by dusting corners of walls and ceilings and removing any dust/cobwebs. Don’t forget the ceiling fans and light fixtures as you move around the room. Always clean the light fixtures before they get hot. If you clean them while hot they may burst. If excessive buildup is on light fixtures, consider placing them on the rinse cycle in the dishwasher.

Allow Time for the Product to Work

When cleaning bathrooms, apply your bathroom cleaning product to problem areas and allow time for the product to help loosen the buildup and make cleaning easier. Begin at the sink, and make sure to clean inside of cabinets and drawers, use brush around faucet and drain and leave mirror streak free. Now that the cleaner has been on the surface of the tub and shower, these areas should now be easier to clean. Make sure to dry the shower and tub to not leave water spots. Next clean the toilet, not forgetting to clean the hinges, and the area behind the toilet, including the water supply line and connector.

Allow time for the product to help loosen the buildup and make cleaning easier.

In the Kitchen, Clean the Refrigerator and Oven First

In the Kitchen, begin by cleaning the refrigerator and oven. Once oven and refrigerator have been cleaned, fill sink with water and de-greaser. Begin to the right of the sink and wash all surfaces moving around the room to the right. Make sure to clean counters and inside and outside of cabinets.

Vacuum All Flooring

Vacuum all flooring, carpet and hard flooring. You can now finish by mopping the hard surface floors. Make sure not to walk on wet floors, as you will leave footprints.

You can also save time when performing your apartment deep cleaning by utilizing a caddy to store your cleaning supplies. A few items to have in your caddy include a de-greaser to remove cooking oil and grease in kitchens, a bathroom cleaner to help remove soap scum and hard water buildup, glass cleaner, neutral floor cleaner and either a liquid or powder cleanser to help remove those stubborn stains.

By using the correct products, the proper tools and an efficient process, you will save time and energy while completing your move out apartment cleaning like a pro.

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