Castle Keepers was founded in Mount Pleasant, S.C., in 1994, and since then we have been making lives easier. With branches in Charleston and Greenville, more South Carolina area residents have trusted us to clean their homes than any other company. We continue to grow, and recently opened offices in Atlanta, where we serve residents of Fulton, Dekalb, and Gwinnett Counties.


At Castle Keepers we take great pride in our professionalism. Our maids, or cleaning technicians as we prefer to call them, are better screened, better trained, and provide a better clean.


Owners Tom and Janice Stewart are known across the US. Castle Keepers of Charleston was the world’s first residential cleaning service to earn a Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification and its Green Building designation.




Our Ladybug Steam Vapor System reaches into microscopic crevices and pores to force soil and microorganisms to the surface to be easily removed. The Ladybug disintegrates and removes household soil while disinfecting, without toxic chemicals or abrasion. Our PerfectCLEAN microfiber towels are scientifically proven to sweep away soil and microorganisms more effectively than sponges and other cleaning cloths.


No cleaning chemical residues are left on counter or floor surfaces or in the air of your home, an advantage in homes where infants, children, pets and people with chemical sensitivities and immunity problems reside. Deionized Water attracts the ions in normal household soil and removes it from surfaces. It leaves no chemical residue and is non-toxic.


Our complete chemical-free methodology uses less water and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cleaning methods, and is non-toxic.

Trust Trust

Your safety comes first. Before hiring any of our cleaning technicians, we conduct nationwide criminal background checks. We run DMV screenings, verify references and past employment, and we administer drug testing. We offer FREE in-home consultations and will meet with clients one-on-one to explain our services. All of our employees will arrive at your home in uniform with a name badge and in a marked company car.

Quality Quality

Castle Keepers is a professional cleaning service that guarantees quality service to each of our clients. We strive for timely and efficient service and will never settle for less than your complete satisfaction. That is why we have developed a 34-point cleaning system and spend ample amounts of time training our cleaning specialists. And we offer our exclusive Castle Keepers 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Reliability Reliability

You can rely on us to arrive at your home on your scheduled cleaning day ready to complete a professional cleaning with a smile! We want to develop a long-term professional relationship with you, and at Castle Keepers we realize that your repeat patronage only will occur if you consistently receive the first-class service that has made us the Southeast's number 1 professional cleaning service.






The Gold Standard in Cleaning Companies

arcsi logo Castle Keepers is one of the largest independent residential cleaning company in the nation. And Castle Keepers has been at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the industry for years. Owners Tom and Janice Stewart are known across the US. Janice pioneered the Modern Cleaning method of chemical free cleaning. Tom is a past president of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, the industry’s largest trade organization. Together they co-authored the book on house keeping that is used to certify house cleaning technicians.

We are independently owned, not a franchise, with branches in Charleston, Greenville, and Atlanta.

In 2009 we were the first residential cleaning service to earn a Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification. In 2017, we were the first to earn this certification (the industry equivalent to ISO-9000 and its Green Building designation) for multiple branches.


Quality Plan

The purpose of this quality plan is to identify the quality management methods being applied to the Customer Service Agreement between Castle Keepers and its customers for residential cleaning. The expected outcome is a clean home and a satisfied customer.

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Green Cleaning Policy

Green cleaning is cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

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Communication Plan

The organization shall have clear procedures for effective communication among all levels of the organization.

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Environmental Policy

Castle Keepers is committed to protection of the environment, the health and safety of its employees and customers, and to providing leadership in environmental stewardship for the residential cleaning industry.

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Corrective Action Review Plan

All employees responsible for meeting customer requirements shall have responsibility and authority to initiate corrective action.

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